All Time Favorite Cards in Clash Royale

What’s up Clashers, if you are having hard time deciding what cards you will focus on, then continue reading this article. I’m going to explain the all time favorite cards in the game, its pros and cons, and best card to boost its potential. Here we go!

Hog Rider

During my early days playing Clash Royale, I’ve noticed this card that so powerful and can destroy a crown tower even without a back-up troops. They already nerfed this card 3 or 4 times, but still even in the higher arena’s this card is really a monster. Lots of HP, moves very fast, can hop the river, and does a lot of damage when left undefended.

For 4 elixir, this is a destroyer. You can also pair it with troops like fire spirit, ice spirit, bats, goblins to attack the enemy or you can also use spell cards to destroy the defending troops like buildings and mini pekka. Most of the common cards used in tandem with Hog Rider are fireball, lightning, tornado, arrows, and my favorite freeze card for an awesome clutch play that will make your enemy say wow!

Royale Giant

One of the most overpowered card according to the players of the game, although I find it not that much. You can easily defend with this card by using elite barbs, mini-pekka or pekka, inferno dragon/tower, or even bunch of smaller troops. This 6 elixir card is best place at the back of your king so that before it will reach the river you already acquired 6+ elixers that you can use to counter the enemies defending troops such as barbarian or minion horde. Basically what I’ll do is simulate an attack then when I figure out how the enemy would defend I’ll either prepare using smaller troops to lure the inferno or ready the rocket to blast their troops.

When using this card, I ain’t afraid with inferno as I always used back-up cards such as zap, bats, minion, and even goblin gang to reset those cards.

Elite Barbarians

This card is twice the speed, power, and movement speed of the original 4 barbarians. It can destroy a tower in a matter of seconds and can obliterate giant or royale giant in secs as well. Although this card can be easily distracted by smaller troops such as skeletons or goblin gang while the crown towers kill these 2 beasts. They can also be kite using an ice golem or counter them with a same level rocket.

During offense I suggest preparing zap, arrows, or freeze for the perfect clutch play. Major weaknesses of this card are smaller troops, and can also be defended using the 4 barbarians.

Three Musketeers

These trio is one of the scariest card in Clash Royale. Most of the time this card is used as a back-up of a tank such as Golem or heavy damager like Pekka. Some just used ice golem as a tank or a knight, then drop these goddess at the back and destroy any troop the enemy will deploy.

Best cards to support this card are skeletons army to distract damaging troops, heal spell to prevent them dying from various spell combos like poison and log or zap. You can also pair it with battle ram and drop the muskees at the back and finish off the tower while the barbarians are dealing with the enemy defending troops.


This legendary card is a troublesome card that you don’t want to ignore all the time. They are tanky and can easily destroy your favorite elixir pump in few hits. It can also chew your crown tower if left unattended. I also used this card to set-up an amazing game play with hog rider with bats pushing in while the miner sneak underground. You can also see the minion horde + miner combo which is really devastating. Last but not the least you can use this card to distract inferno tower and destroy the annoying furnace.

Those are the top 5 favorite cards that I’ve used. To see the full potential of those cards, it is best to level them up as quick as you can. You can check YouTube channel that gives free gems to get the resources that you need to buy the required number of cards and to cover the expenses in upgrading your cards. It would take you several months to max out all the cards in your deck, by using such tool. You can do that in less than a month with ease.

Is Touchscreen Gaming Really Enjoyable?

When touchscreen smartphones were introduced in the market and was able to get a hold to it, my first impression after playing a few games with it is – what the heck it is really hard to navigate, control your movement, and react to enemies. Sounds familiar? yes I’m sure that’s all your first impression, but after few years of gaming with smartphone, new game released and I tried some of them and really seen a great improvement. The game developers also be able to create games that are properly optimised for a touch, swipe, and tap controls making it more easier for the gamer to play the game.

If you would agree, first person shooting games are the most difficult game to play with a touchscreen device that’s why wireless/bluetooth game pads are created to solve this issue. Most of the games that are made for this kind of touchscreen devices are racing games, mind/puzzles games, and now the most popular MOBA games where you only need to tap, and swipe. Other role playing games until now would require to have an additional gaming accessory, which are very cheap, yet durable. If you play racing games and arcade type of games, for sure you can really benefit from buying this add-on to have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Let me know your favorite game genres, and if you want to recommend some gaming accessories for our smartphone users/readers in this blog, just share them in the comment section down below.

Why Children Loves Roblox So Much

Do you have a child who’s addicted to Roblox? well guess what my 8 year old son really loves this game and I can’t see the reason why he wants this game so bad, that he even skip meals just to play this game. So out of curiosity I download this Roblox in my android smartphone, created an account and started playing the game. Guest what? after 5 minutes of gaming I feel like the game is a big open world and I’m totally clueless on what I need to do, that’s why I spend a couple of minutes learning this game and I remember a game called Minecraft is the closest game that I can compare with, but this roblox game had a lot of mini games inside the game itself when you launch it.

So after playing for at least an hour, now I finally figure out what’s with Roblox that made my child addicted to this game. The fact that this game target is children age 7 years old up to 13 as the graphics is similar to Minecraft where everything looks like blocks from the items, places, even the characters. I was also able to learn that this game has an in-app purchase called Robux, the Roblox game currency that you can use to purchase bunch of customization for the game. Thank goodness that my child doesn’t know how to purchase online stuff because I don’t want him to get to the points where he spends a lot of money just for a game. So what I did is – I tried searching for methods how to get robux without spending even a single dollar, and luckily I’ve come across to this site that seems legit where you can get free robux and tix for the game.

After spending a few minutes I was able to claimed my prize rewards and demonstrate to my son, what’s the benefits of this Robux and Tix and what other amazing stuff that needs to discover. It seems like that I’m also addicted to the game after few hours researching about it hahaha.

So that’s our story a caring Dad that will do his best to give all the best things in life for his son and that is free robux. I save a few dollars and still my son now learn something from me and I’m happy that this game somehow form some father-son bonding for us which I really love.

Powerful Premium-Grade Gaming Laptops

Have you tried playing on a super fast gaming laptop? If not I would say that it was really awesome. Imagine driving a Ferrari or Porsche is the experience you can feel when you use gaming laptops to play your favorite games.

Gaming laptops are called gaming machines because of several reasons. First would be the brand itself for example Dell’s popular Alienware is a well know gaming devices both laptop, notebook, and desktop builds. These are very expensive and price ranging from thousands of dollars to get your hands on this beast. These gaming laptops have a very powerful specifications similar to a gaming built desktop pc with quad core processors, 8GB – 16GB of memory, Solid State Drives, mechanical / backlit keyboards, stereo audio, large battery capacity, stunning dedicated graphics, large display, and pretty solid chassis that is really durable. Those are the specs that you are really paying premiums.

Other popular brands with regards to gaming laptops are from companies such as Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) series, Acer Predator gaming series, MSI gaming notebooks, Razer gaming notebooks. All of these are premium laptops and would costs you a lot if you want to get these gaming machines. The portability is the other obvious benefit if you will buy this instead of building a much affordable gaming desktop pc.

If you have the money to spend with these kind of machines, I must say go for it but if you have limited amount of budget and you are just starting to play games in computer then just build a gaming rig. It is easier to build and upgrade, not disposable as parts can be easily replaced when it worn out and they are cheap, plus they are more durable depending on your case, cooler, and choice of peripherals. Only downside is that you are limited to play in a certain or specific place unless you are going to a LAN party together with your computer.

Reasons Why I Love Sims FreePlay


I started playing sims 5 years ago using my desktop computer and I was really in love with this particular game because the graphics, quests, and everything about it is really awesome. It’s like you are the one that’s inside the game. You have to work so that you can buy stuff, you can socialize with other sims (people in the game), you can run an errand, you can date with another sim, have a party and so much more. The fact that it is very realistic made me enjoy continue to progress with the game. There are several The Sims game released for different consoles, all of them are lovely and I just can’t help but to play every game from this masterpiece.

The latest and most popular right now is the Sims Freeplay for mobile devices which I’m currently playing. The best thing about this game is that it is real-time and you can play with other online players using internet connection or data. Unlike, the older versions of Sims for other consoles, you are just playing with NPCs. Now you are really playing with a real person and every move is controlled by the player itself. It doesn’t matter if you are playing using Android or iOS you will be able to see each other online.

You can create multiple sims that you can use to play the game. Start building your home, purchasing furniture and other household equipments. You can rotate all the stuff inside the house as you wish, there are several designs of each item which can suit your desired theme. For you to get money in the game you need to complete certain quests that literally takes a huge amount of time. The most important monetary unit you can get is simoleons and lifestyle points. You can purchase these stuff using real money or you can use this working sims freeplay hack tool to get infinite amount and also you will get extra lifestyle points that you could use in the game.

Basically you will need Simoleons to complete a quest much faster, instead of waiting long enough. The more quests you can finish the faster you can unlock new stuff, quests and other important things that you can avail through out the game. You can also levelup your account much faster when you use simoleons.

The Sims Freeplay game is almost updated every month to fix some bugs and other game problems. There are also new released features and such and you can see all of these when you visit their official facebook account. As of now the max level is 55 and you can create up to 34 sims and your sims can get married and have a child. It is also possible to overcome this sims limit by becoming a VIP in the game. If you have more questions regarding the game or if you are stuck on a certain quest, just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help and solve your problem.

Desktop Gaming Peripherals


Welcome to my gaming blog!

For my first blog post, I would like to know which particular manufacturers of gaming peripherals for desktop that you personally trust? I have tried Corsair, Cougar, Raidmax, Cooler Master, and Logitech for more than 3 years and I personally prefer Logitech as the gadgets that I’ve bought under this company are still alive and kicking. I was not paid by Logitech for this kind of blog post, I was really amazed how durable their devices specially their gaming mouse and keyboard.

In terms of casing I prefer Corsair for the high-ends and Cougar/Inwin case for the more budget-friendly builds. Nowadays, tempered glass system case are the most popular and almost company that sells system case already created their own product under this category. I guess the era of acrylic panels is about to end as scratch resistant glass are the most value for money and it would definitely last a lifetime.

On the other hand, I would also like to talk about the innovation in cpu cooling now with different sizes and types such as water cooling kits, tower air coolers with awesome heatsink/heatpipe designs from the most trusted company such as Noctua, Cryorig, Cooler Master, Corsair, Thermaltake, and Be Quiet.

If you are shopping for mech keyboards one of the best are sold by Corsair, Logitech, Razer using majority cherry mx switches which are somehow expensive because of the design and other aesthetics added such as lighting effects, and programmable buttons, etc. Although you can purchase from other manufacturers that are $100 cheaper using different types of mechanical switches, but almost the same feel and quality.

For the storage category, still SSD’s are the best choice for this one, there’s no changes in terms of pricing. They are still very expensive, but they are definitely worth buying if you want to have your important files stored safety with a very little chance of getting damage or corrupted compared to traditional HDD. If you want to save a few bucks you can also try the latest addition which are called ssHD, these drives are hybrid SSD and HDD in one, and one of the best I’ve tried so far is the Firecuda from Seagate.

Last but not the least is the category for gaming accessories such as gamepads, game controllers, and similar stuff. Well I can only think of Logitech driving wheel, Logitech gamepads wired and wireless, Razer sabretooth game controller, Steelseries gamepads, Razer gaming accessories.

If you think I forgot to mention some important peripherals, kindly comment it down below.